Jul 4, 2012


Candles uses:
White magic with candles usually very powerful effects.
But candles in itself can help us achieve our goals.
It's as simple as lighting the candles and say a prayer or request.
Each color of the candles favors one aspect.
Meaning of the silver sails:
- Neutralize the bad influences and external aggression.
- Improve the diplomatic skills.
- Favorably attracted the eyes of the gods.
- Symbolizes the protection of the angels, the color of the moon.
- Promotes spirituality and prophetic dreams.
- Avoid the evils caused by the rumors.
Meaning of white candles:
- For ritual consecration and purification.
- Enhance clairvoyance and divination.
- Increases psychic powers and improves inspiration.
- Symbolizes purity, truth, spirituality.
- Help to solve difficult cases.
- Promotes travel and new initiatives.
Meaning of the brown sails:
- Help to locate lost objects.
- Favor the concentration and telepathy.
- Used to protect pets.
- Symbolizes security.
Meaning of the sails of gray:
- Neutralize negative influences.
- Mitigate difficult situations.
- Facilitate objectivity.
Meaning of black colored candles:
- Symbolize power.
- Exorcise the evil eye.
- Alexandria evil spirits and combat the negative.
Meaning of gold candles:
- Attract positive cosmic influences.
- They are used for rituals to solar deities.
- Promotes good health, luck and success in general.
- Reinforce the personality.
- Support for business projects or financial.
Meaning of orange candles:
- Stimulate energy, optimism and joy.
- They promote love, femininity and friendship.
- They provide courage and strength in love. Stimulants.
Meaning of candles light blue:
- Symbolizes creativity, serenity, happiness and protection.
- Promotes and increases receptivity inspiration in the search for truth.
- Power soothing and relaxing.
- Facilitates concentration and studies.
Meaning of dark blue candles:
- Symbolizes authority.
- Disgrace, depression, negative change.
Meaning of yellow candles:
- Symbolize the intellectual.
- Improved self-esteem, charm and personal magnetism.
- Promotes spiritual or Platonic love.
- Used to increase the circle of friendship.
Meaning of red candles:
- To rituals of fertility and love.
- Increase the passion, sexuality, physical strength and courage.
- Increase the strength of will.
Meaning of purple candles:
- Favor the spiritual elevation.
- Facilitate contacts with spirits in mediumistic sessions.
- Increase the ambition in the business world.
Meaning of pink candles:
- Symbolize friendship and affection.
- Encourage a harmonious and successful life in the field sentimental.
- Palian communication failures.
- Relax the tense atmosphere.
Meaning of green candles:
- Favor the earnings and economic progress.
- Protect against misfortunes and unhappiness.
- Canceled the effects of envy and greed.
- They help control and eliminate jealousy.
Meaning of purple candles:
- Favor symbolize spirituality prophetic dreams and astral travel.
- Help to acquire or to maintain the Independence.
- They protect the environment.
- Calman nerves and promote balance and inner peace.

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